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The Bond Between the Normal People and Technology has died – Bye Jobs

What was Steve Job’s real contribution to the world? Uniting two separate communities that have been struggling since the modern age.

News Sources

TechCrunch – General Tech news. Focused on people.

Mashable – More focused on Social Media

Silicon News – In Spanish. Focused on Spanish news although international too.

Xataka – In Spanish. Focused on mobile news.

Gizmodo – Focused on gadgets

IDG – Focused on data and reports about IT and media.

Research and Fun Facts

I recently found this diagram where we can see how incredibly connected the Tech World is. There is some shocking stuff: Hotmail created by an Apple employee? TeslaMotors, YouTube and Yelp all created by PayPal employees? PayPal must be (or been) a very good talent magnet, I really wonder why haven’t I heard more about it. It looks like “it’s just a payment method” like Visa or bank transfers and goes by unnoticed, but seeing this I can expect big things from PayPal in the near future. Unless, of course, they are a great talent magnet but a very bad talent keeper and that’s why they all leave… As always, only time will say.

Interconnected Tech Companies Family

Note: I had to reduce the image so it could fit the middle column. For a better look on the map click here.

Feel free to suggest me news, fun facts or good sources of info! Just comment them below and I’ll include them.


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