I always thought that it’d be great if people publicly said what things they would love to receive as presents. Then everyone would have such an easier job when they had or wanted to give someone a present. Even if you didn’t want to buy something from the list you would definitely get an idea of what that person likes or doesn’t wouldn’t you?

Well, this page is to encourage people to join the initiative and save so many people of guessing and struggling through birthdays, anniversaries and secret santas and avoid probably as many other people from having to fake that smile and surprise when they open that wrapping… isn’t it beautiful when you hear that “Oooh, is just what I wanted” sentence? Let’s spread the love people.

And, of course here’s my list…


One response to “Gifts

  1. Including a delivery address would be helpful, you don’t want that Tesla to go in the wrong garage do you? 🙂

    Btw this is what won the Sofia Startup Weekend last week, that I was organizing

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